We have been upgrading our infrastructure for better internet access, and you should see a welcome improvement if you use one of the (socially distanced) computers in the Library; or bring your own device with you.

It’s been great to see so many of you make use of our curbside – or ‘porch-side’ rather – pickup service. You can choose between porch-side pick up and entering the Library. Our current opening times are displayed on this site.

Family History

Ancestry and genealogical research have become popular hobbies, and much of the investigative work can be done safely from home. If you are considering delving into your family’s past, here are a few links to whet your appetite.

The State Library’s genealogy area has a dedicated Librarian plus resources to help you get started.

Ancestry from a DNA/health perspective; offering DNA testing kits.

Ancestry now contains 27 billion records and 100 million family trees.

Ancestry from a DNA/health perspective; offering DNA testing kits.

You can view the registry of births, marriages and deaths on the Library’s microfiche reader.

The Beacon is another useful research tool.

Your Feedback

You miss the Library? So do we, but we’re working on it! Here’s what one patron, Richard Micketti, has to say:

“Libraries are so important to all of us; and they are more than books.”

That Richard had requested ‘Leadership in Turbulent Times’ speaks volumes.