Porch-side Pickup FAQs

porch-side pickup on side porch

Items you have ordered will be set on a table on the side porch. When you return them, place them in the drop box at the front of the Library. During pickup hours we’ll also have a return box beside the table, for your convenience.

Please wear a mask, and remember social distancing. There may be others converging on the side porch and drop box areas.
While you’re out there, don’t forget to take a look at the free books for all ages, and CDs too!

From the volume of inquiries we’ve been handling behind locked doors, it seems that you really appreciate our porch-side pickup service.

How can we gain access to Library materials without entering the Library?
Since Monday June 22 we have been offering ‘porch-side pickup’ – on the Library side porch.

When can I pick up items I have requested?
Porch-side pickup is available whenever the Library is open, and also Mon/Fri 1PM-6PM.

Who can use porch-side pickup?
All current Lambertville Library card holders may request items for porch-side pickup. Loan rules do apply. Contact us if you have concerns.

How does porch-side pickup work?
Contact us with your request (phone/email/web form), and we’ll fulfill it ready for the next open period. Please note that the Catalog : My List feature (which replaces My Bookbag) cannot be used to reserve items for porch-side pickup.

“I have missed the Library – I did not realize how important it was for me to run by the Library to browse the books and find something to read. I’m glad you are moving back into business.