I’m a photographer, A statement that is as simple as it is complex. People will ask “What kind of photographer are you?! answer “One that captures images and creates an object that reflects my personal vision”.

Another frequent question is “Did the original scene look like that? The answer is always no. Even before digital imagery, when film was the dominant medium, framing a photo through the viewfinder changed what the image looked like. Other factors included the camera and lens combo as well as the film used. There’s a greater variety of tools to use nowadays, but there needs to be a concept to go along with the technical realm that now exists.

My love of photography was sparked by my Dad. Some of my best early memories consist of the two of us developing B&W film in our darkroom in the basement. (Color enlargers were too expensive and finicky!). I enjoyed learning about the chemicals, enlargers, cameras, lenses and other tools involved to create the magic of a print magically appear as the photo paper sat in a tray filled with a solution. I often wonder what my Dad would have thought about today’s DSLS.

Post-Processing Software and inkjet printers. I bet, like myself – he would have embraced it fully and created his own works of Art.

My work is available in different sizes I recommend that a photograph be on a matte board, matted for presentation and framed in a traditional black frame. I can produce and ship anything from a printed photo in a padded envelope up to a fully framed photo ready to hang on your wall (Or put on your desk).

Any questions, please get in touch with me and thanks for your interest & time.

PHOTO by Martin Flaxman

Be Well

Bruce Berlin