We Came Together For Day of the Dead To Celebrate Life Watch Video!

On Sunday, October 17th, more than two hundred people, mainly from Lambertville, joined us on our lawn to listen to Mariachis, eat authentic tamales, engage in a host of fun activities, listen to bilingual book readings and add photos of their deceased loved ones to our community altar. It was a glorious day, and we are so grateful to our army of thirty volunteers, listed below. 

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The Day of the Dead, or Día de Los Muertos, observed on November 1st and 2nd, is a vibrant and profoundly meaningful tradition from Mexico now celebrated worldwide. People believe that on these days, the spirits of the deceased return to their earthly families for a happy, fun, celebratory ritual. The deceased loved ones are honored in various colorful, festive, and pensive traditions that happen over these two days. 

We hope you created your altars at home and are looking forward to seeing you at the Library soon!

Supported By

Susan Delone (Talia) & Lawrence Kennedy

Anne Murray

Thora Faigle

Bette Baer

Fisherman’s Mark

Albert Bauer

Peter Brown, beloved Author & Illustrator

Gina Asoudegan



Kate Winslow

Mike Menche

Ricardo Zapata


Ojilvia Ortiz


 Sound & Production

Shaun Ellis



Elio & Guy Ambrosino



Dwayne Dunlevy

Susan Dumas

Kate Winslow

Sean Mount

Abigail Boehm

Gabriella Bonnavent

Marcia Taylor

Abigail Santiago

Helpers & Flower Makers

Stella Reed

Emma Levy

Hannah Born

Marcia Taylor

Shirah Gray

Lillian Laney

Terri O’Donnell

Polly Anderson

Ree Gallager

Carol James

Sharon Victor







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