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Sit & Knit 🧶 LFPL Gallery 

On February 15th, we held our first textile tutorial of the year for beginning and intermediate knitters. We were ecstatic to have four new knitters as well as a couple veterans of the needles. Our first beginner project was a simple dishcloth pattern written by Jessica from the Six Sisters’ DIY site. We learned this in the continental style, “Whether you’ve realized it or not, knitters do not all knit in the same way.” A better description of the difference of styles can be found in the former link. Sharing of styles and YouTube tutorials were all a flutter along with how everyone was fairing the ride of the waves of the pandemic. My favorite part was how everyone was willing to help each other when the programmer was engaged with one participant. Crafting brings out the best in all of us. Getting to meet in person was also quite refreshing. The library is a hub of community activity once again!


During the meet we mainly learned the basics of knitting:

– How to cast on (putting yarn on the needle to start)

– Holding the yarn and needles with proper tension 

– And the art of the basic knit stitch.

The bicolor washcloth to the right was created by one of our new knitters, PG. They decided to add their own flair by changing the yarn midway. How cool is that? Adding your own flair to a pattern makes it an original with a personal touch.

An intermediate pattern was also given out for a heart themed baby washcloth by a Knit Picks designer, Jenny Williams. Picture courtesy of They have a plethora of free patterns. We are in no way affiliated with their sales. 


Coming up next we will have a Crochet Crew project this Spring or Summer. Cool off with a nice cold drink and your newly crocheted cozy to catch the drips this summer. You can also just come to chat about, work on, or share your own current projects. Or all of the above!  Be on the lookout!

If you want to get a head start on learning, here is a YouTube tutorial on the basics of crochet:

Below are the links and pictures of the future cozy projects. Feel free to bring your own supplies. Some supplies will be provided as well as refreshments.





Supplies for the beginning pattern are as follows:

– 23 yards (0.42 oz) of Red Heart Super Saver (Size 4 Yarn) – author

– Size H 5mm Crochet Hook

– Yarn Needle

– Scissors

Any brand or material will do. Just be aware of the yarn and needle size



Supplies for the intermediate are as follows:

– Yarn (I used Stylecraft Special DK acrylic – author)

– Crochet hook (4mm)

– Darning needle for sewing in the ends

– Scissors

Click here to learn more about essential crochet tools (guidance from author of pattern)



 Winding Road Crochet Beg. Cozy
Wink –



For our knitters, I will be in contact with past attendants and put out a notice for anyone else who would like to join our next Sit & Knit. If you have any suggestions on what kind of patterns or textile learning you’d like, please email Hannah at Happy Crafting!



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