How our Latinas en Lambertville Program is Paving the Way

latinas en lambertville

Libraries are a democratic cornerstone, a place for the people. That goes for everyone, no matter who you are. For the last two decades, Lambertville’s Hispanic population has grown exponentially. This library has provided a welcoming space for education and creativity. Our bilingual staff and dedicated volunteers have worked closely with the Hispanic community to help them advocate for themselves.

We were delighted to be awarded a grant by The New Jersey State Library to further our mission of reaching out to the community. We have expanded our Spanish language library, created programs such as Latinas en Lambertville, a ten-week women’s empowerment workshop, and are adding a Spanish-language section to our website. Although the funding is modest, it has had an enormous impact. The Flemington Library was inspired by the consistent turnout of 25-30 women and their children on Wednesdays for Latinas en Lambertville, they want to replicate it!

We have had guests such as an immigration lawyer, a health expert, and a local banker. Mayor Nowick has also attended a meeting of the group. The library is a crucial bridge to communicating with our Hispanic neighbors, a crucial part of our community.

We have gone way beyond lending books. We have established a tutoring program for children, created programs for adults tailored to their unique needs and provided assistance with paperwork in real-time during the aftermath of Hurricane Ida. We have worked tirelessly to do what libraries are meant to do – serve as a cultural institution that encourages education to overcome language obstacles and unfamiliarity with resource navigation.

Join us on May 14 at 3:00 for Roma, our first ever Oaxaca festival in July, and our second annual Day of the Day celebration this fall.

Thank you for your support of the library and all that we do!



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