New & Old Book Project

The library is currently undergoing a collection refresh project called weeding. Weeding is a process within libraries that helps us keep our collection fresh and up to date. Once a year, we look through our shelves and pull books from the catalog while following specific criteria. Books that have not been circulating are falling apart or outdated; all get withdrawn and replaced with shiny, new, current materials! When rummaging the stacks, we follow the foundation of a commonly used acronym: M.U.S.T.I (Misleading, Ugly, Superseded, Trivial, Irrelevant). They may be brand new books with accurate and up-to-date information and attractive covers, but for some reason, these items aren’t of interest to the library’s community. 

Some of the books we take out will be available in our book sale for purchase or out for free on our side porch. We also have been partnering with Better World Books to help give said books a second life! Better World Books is a company that gives back to communities and libraries worldwide by donating to schools, charities, and libraries. Books that don’t sell, undesired, or are “too loved” get sent to the proper facilities to be recycled. 


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