Watch video of Oaxaca Festival 2023! We couldn’t have done it without you


Our second annual Oaxaca Festival on August 20th boasted even more music, dancing, tamales, volunteers (100+), attendees (700+), and partnerships with Fishermans Mark, The Acme Screening Room, Dupree Gallery, Kalmia Club, Elks Club, City Of Lambertville and Soupçon Salon. ¡Muchas Gracias Latinas de Lambertville! Your guidance, dancing, cooking, organizing, arts & crafts, and generous spirit have opened hearts and minds. And to our volunteers and those who supported us every step of the way, just wow!
We couldn’t have done it without all of you!

Hispanic Programmer

Trina Bardusco


Piri y las Latinas de Lambertville

Las Chinas de Bridgeton NJ

Mariachi Flores

Orquesta Kachimbo Costeño

Tejerones de Santa Cruz Flores Magon

Volunteers Oaxaca Festival 2023 @ LFPL         

Goretti Alvarez
Martha Alvarez
Elio Ambrosino
Guy Ambrosino
Polly Anderson
Birsu Bascilar
Beth Bauer
Ken Bogen
Judy Bremer
Joe Calabro
Laura Calabro
Nancy Campbell
Juan Pedro “Piri” Castro-Lopez
Dan Connelly
Peter Crais
Rick Crane
Gael Cruz-Ortiz
Luisa DeLaVlle
Beverly Desch
Peter Desch
Angel Gael Dueñez
Jean Michel Dumas
Susan Dumas
Ivy Durant
Shara Durkee
Zack Eldridge
Shawn Ellis
Thora Faigle
Itzel Garcia
Chelsea Gardiner
Jake Gillinger
Lisa Goetz
Shirah Gray
Brian Green
Edith Gutierrez
Sidronio Gutierrez
Anyi Arias Guzman
Asuncion Saida Guzman
Filomena Hengst
Scott Hengst
Cristian Hernandez
Roci Hernandez
Susan Higgins-Crais
Marcy Hynes
Maria Miguel Ibanez
Judy Keenan
Jeanna Korzun
Lillian Laney
Kathy Lang
Matt Larkin
Mary Jane “MJ” Legere
Cathy Lester
Arsenia (Chena) Lopez Garcia
Kevin Lucas-Tellez
Dora Martinez 
Efrain Martinez 
Wendy Mason
Jen McCann
Sue McCann
Agueda Mejia
Keta Mejia
Rodrigo Mejia
Vulfrano Mejia
Courtney Menche
Lola Menche
Mike Menche
Muriel Merserve
Maria C. Miguel
Marielena Miguel
Bill Morrow
Kris Myers
Megan Nolte
Ojilvia Ortiz
Veronica Pablo
Bulmaro Perales
Alfonsina Rosita Perez
Pedro Perez
Amy Raditz
Chris Register
Karen Robinson-Cloete
Lorenza Ruiz
Luis Sanchez
Abigail Santiago
Magnolia Santiago
Yordi  Cruz Santiago
Cord Schlobohm
Paul Scoggins
Isidro Silva
Ava Sirak
Liam Sirak
Paige Sirak
Brad Sanford
Linda Sanford
Marcia Taylor
Mike Traveline
Jesse Vilars
Rich Warwinsky
Math Westlake
Kate Winslow
Shelley Wiseman
Cheryl Wnek
Ricardo Zapata


Special Thanks
Andrew Nowick, Mayor of Lambertville
Lieutenant Brown, Police Office
Teresa Vivar, Lazos America
Public Works
West Amwell Mason Supply
Elks Club
Centenary United Methodist Church
Magnolia Wonder Events
Heath’s Exxon Station
River Signs
South Hunterdon Regional High School
Buenos Dias Cafe
Mejia Painting
Paul Mathews  Gallery
Fisherman’s Mark
City of Lambertville
Acme Screening Room
Duprey Gallery
Soupcon Salon
Kalmia Club


Board of Trustees

Albert Bauer
Amy Connelly
Kathleen Harris
Matt Larkin
Karen Riedeburg
Stephanie Volmer
Kate Winslow
Ricardo Zapata
LFPL  Staff
Jennifer Sirak, Director
Shelby Bacorn
Fran Bardusco
Trina Bardusco
Franta Broulik
Sabine Clerc
Laura Brachfeld
Danielle Bey
Pablo Perez
Stella Reed
Anne Stewart
Andrea Zalesakova



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