Our Community Comes Together! Hurricane Ida Resources & Information

A big thank you to all of our first responders, volunteers, partner organizations and community members who are making great strides during this time of need. We are honored to be a hub of excellent citizenship and even received a visit from Governor Phil Murphy, who came to survey the damage around town. He concurred that “libraries rock” upon greeting our director, Jennifer Sirak, commenting on her t-shirt in a moment of levity surrounded by our leadership and a swarm of press.
The best place to gather information and find a host of resources is the City of Lambertville website. If you are not subscribed already, make sure you sign up for their updates via phone or email.
FEMA is in town until Sunday, 9/12. If you are unfamiliar with FEMA, and/or want to learn about what services they provide, check out this FEMA fact sheet.
For volunteerism and staying updated as to what’s happening on the ground. We recommend signing up through Losta Helping hands. They even have an app!
If assistance is needed in Spanish, Fisherman’s Mark – now located at Homestead Farm Market on N. Main Street – has a full time bilingual staff.
For permanent housing needs, contact Hunterdon County Social Services at (908)788-1300.
With information constantly changing, the best place to receive updates is through the city’s Hurricane Ida Updates & Information page.


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This is where the paperbacks were until recently. Before that, audiobooks lived there. Before that I don’t know, but maybe it was DVDs. Things change in the library, lately at a more rapid pace. Some of the changes are subtle, and someone has to point them out to me. Some I know about in advance, but some are surprises, which always adds more fun to a day. This used to be a big, white bookshelf, and it still is, underneath it’s fancy new display. Someone worked magic on it, and we now have a place for you to share your experiences and stories about your time in the library!

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Here Come the Shad!

It’s not April yet, but it’s close. I was crossing over the free bridge to Pennsylvania the other day, and traffic was slow enough that I could look out at the scenery, and I was happy to see yet another harbinger of spring–a small boat, anchored near the bridge, line fishing. They were fishing for shad!

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Thomas the Tank Engine Day 2024!

We had a blast at Thomas the Tank Engine Day! A massive thank you to everyone who attended and to those who pitched in to make this day a success. See you all next year for more train-tastic fun! -Ms. Danielle

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Let’s Get Baking!

It’s the beginning of spring! On this second day of the season, it seems more like a winter day. The wind is blowing, the trees are swaying, and there is more than just a small chill in the air. Thinking about the weather, and how I wish it were warmer, it strikes me that there is a wonderful way to warm up—baking! -From Annie

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