The Lantern Festival and other Asian festivities

Lunar Calendar Festivals


Dear Lambertville Patrons,

As of yesterday, the Lantern Festival commenced in Asian countries and communities around the world. This is a lesser known holiday here in the states, and comes two weeks after the Lunar New Year festivities. Lanterns and firecrackers are lit to ward off evil spirits and energy. It is meant to bring good luck and fortune as well. Their is a famous small town in Taiwan called Yanshui that sets off an intense firework display called “the Beehive Fireworks Festival“. Considered one of the top ten most dangerous events in the world, the Beehive Festival requires fire protection to attend. Riddles are often written on lanterns created for the holiday. Others are sent off into the sky. Decadent, glutinous rice balls, called “Tang Yuan” in Mandarin, are eaten in celebration.

Many Asian communities follow the flow of the moon to keep track of their days. This past fall we celebrated the second most famous Lunar holiday called the “Mid-Autumn Moon Festival”. (The first being the Lunar New Year.) Often compared to our Thanksgiving, family gatherings with much traditional food and the famous moon cake are carried out. Attached is a video of two New Jersey local Chinese Orchestral Musicians, Carrie Chin and Inna Lu, who performed on traditional Chinese instruments. The Sheng and the Erhu. They both are a part of the Chinese Music Ensemble of New York. Aside from their dedication to that ensemble, Carrie and Inna have appeared at Carnegie, the Lincoln Center, and one even performed with Rhianna. Please watch and learn more about these unique yet stunning instruments. It is one of many events that have helped open up our local library once again.


Click here to download the video of Carrie and Inna’s performances: Mid-Autumn Moon Festival 

Thanks go to Trina Bardusco for filming and creating the above film.


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