Why Our Oaxaca Day Festival Was So Special: Watch Video!

Dancing Oaxaca day

The first-ever Oaxaca Day Festival in Lambertville was a huge success with an estimated five hundred people in attendance. Watch the video and learn more about the story of that day. The Lambertville Library would like to thank our many volunteers and neighbors and friends, from all walks of life for joining us. A heartfelt bow to our Latinas en Lambertville library group for putting so much love into this unforgettable day.
Oaxaca Festival 2022  Video

Hispanic Programmer, Lambertville Library

Trina Bardusco

Director of Lambertville Library

Jennifer Sirak

We had a remarkable amount of 103 volunteers 
and 33 Donors!!


Planning, Scheduling and Communications

Fran Bardusco

Paige Sirak

Shaun Ellis

Jessie Villars


 Food and Food Service Provided by

Fisherman’s Mark

Ricardo Zapata

 Buenos Días Café (sodas)

Food Preparation

Holly Hedge Estates

Jose Calderon, Executive Chef Holly Hedge Estates

Shelley Wiseman

Ángeles Clavel

Ojilvia Oríiz

Martha Alvarez

Goretti Avarez

Lucía Martínez

Uriel Aguilar Tapia

Art Leads

Susan Dumas – piñata and hearts

Anabel Bouza – map

Gordon Haas – butterfly

Gwenn  Seemel- Lambertville letters +butterfly

Judy Keenan- Oaxaca letters

Dwayne Dunlevy


Host Alex Cesar Ramirez

DJ Oscar Cruz

La Danza de Santa Cruz Magos Flores

Beto Hernandez Group

Latinas en Lambertville- pineapple dancers

Anyi Arias Guzman

Inez Ruiz

Roxana Morales

Agueda Martinez

Veronica Pablo

Jessica Martinez

Arsenia Castro Lopez

Edith Santiago

Rotseni Morales

Patricia Coyago

Juan “Piri” Castro Lopez – choreographer

Scarlet Begonias- flowers


Decoration and Set

Asunción Guzman

Onesimo Martínez

Enriqueta “Queta” Mejia

Heber Mendoza

Rosabeli Garcia

Alma Hernandez

Efie Martinez

Itzel Garcia

Pablo Perez

Shirah Gray

Charlie Groth

Rene Marinich

Marcia Taylor

Eufemia Hernández

Melissa Alvarez

Jeanna Korzun

Chris Myers

Doug Gravier

Marco Guzman

Audrey Byrnes

Rich Warwinsky

Mallory Thompson

Quinn Thompson

Inez Ruiz

Rosita Perez

Roci Hernandez

Aylin Mena

Mayra Ruiz

Fatima  Rodriguez-Clavel

Victoria Rodriguez-Clavel

Jennifer Santiago

Elissa Santiago

Eufemia Hernández

Yuri Hernandez



Anonymous:  10 donors

Albert & Beth Bauer


Shirah Gray

Shaun Ellis

Sharon Warne

Jennifer Chase

Julia Shurts

A Mano Gallery

Durkee-Neumann Family

Marleina and Chris

Chris Connor


A Mean Girl

Larry Imhoff

Angelo Sargentine

Sue & Jean Michel

Matt Larkin 

Doug Gravier

Ann Lyons



Mary Jane Legere

Marcia O’Connell

Lambertville Human Rights Council


Additional Volunteers

Mark Sirak

Paula Martinez

Arecelis Torres

Doris Martinez

Rosita Perez

Filomena Hengst

Lillian Laney

Birsu Bascillar

Dawn Shurmaitis

Mathison Westlake

Cord Schlobohm

Pablo Ladono

Trevor Sirak

Liam Sirak

Kyle Ingersol – Photograher

Stella Reed

Dylan Marton

Emma Giantisco

Matt Larkin

Scarlet Begonias

Tessa Lee

Joanna Bermeo

Hollis Yungbliut

Danielle Mundhenk

Laura Brachfield

Sabine Clerc

Stacey Metzler

Lola Menche

Courtney Menche

Albert & Beth Bauer

Stephanie Volmer

Karen Riedeburg

Luke Gravier

Sidronio Gutierrez

Gabriela BonnaventCira Cruz

Rosalba Martinez

Clarice Cortez

Anthony Flamio – Photographer

Kyle Ingersoll

 A special thank you to:

The City of Lambertville

Lambertville Police Department

Lambertville Library Board of Trustees




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