Year 2022 Adult Programs in Review and Beyond

Mid-Autumn Festival

Hello dear Patrons of Lambertville,

After a quiet two years, our vibrant community is gathering again with vigor. This pulse of life has poured out into our Adult Programs, and grows by the day. Here is a review of some of this past years outpouring of community:


Library Literati – Lambertville bibliophiles joined the ranks of our new Lambertville Library Literati Book Club. It started out as Book Split and progressed into its more mysterious name. Growing from 3 to over 10 from its beginnings in January 2022. We meet every first Tuesday of the month, unless it coincides with a holiday. Join us, if you dare. . .

Library Literati Book Club

library literati library book club ancestor trouble by maud newton meeting october 4 from 7 to 8 in the library gallery

Library Literati Book Club, "The Body Keeps the Score"


Textile Group – From a Sit & Knit, Crochet Crew, to a medley of textile projects, our tactile creatives met and pushed their boundaries in a variety of mediums. Embroidery bookmarks, loom creation and weaving, braided wreaths, and macramé. They also began this year with wool needle felting. This group meets every 4th Tuesday of the month with a different textile theme. You are welcome to bring any work you want, but you are also invited to try your hand at the pick of the month. Supplies provided for advertised projects.


Carboard Loom Pictures


Writer’s Group – From readers to writers, our Literati asked to form a separate group to share and refine their budding works of literature, prose, and memoir. Starting from 4 founding members, the group has grown into two different meeting times on the 3rd Tuesday of each month. The first group from 3:30pm-5:30pm. The second from 5:30pm-7:30pm.

Writer's Group, Tuesday, February 21, 5:30-7:30 pm Library Gallery


Drum Circle – Our local Drum Circle shared their unique experience on the library lawn. Regulars to the circle’s meeting came and patrons gathered. Even some of our youngest joined the cacophony of us beginners. Fran Bardusco read the story of “Abiyoyo”, tying into the African rhythms that were simply demonstrated for us to replicate as a group. Thanks to Anthony, Fran Bardusco, and the Lambertville Drum Circle for sharing a refreshing rhythmic experience!

Drum Circle


Summer Reading – From our Beanstack app tracker, we had 22 readers and 28,303 minutes read during our Oceans of Possibilities Adult Reading Program! To celebrate the end of the Summer and dedication to reading, there was also an End of Summer Reading Raffle Party, where reading prizes were distributed and games were played.

Adult Summer Reading Wall of Fame Adult Summer Reading


Mid-Autumn Moon Festival – In celebration of other cultural holidays, we had an ensemble of two Chinese Instrumentalists, Carrie Chin (Sheng Player), and Inna Lu (Erhu Player) come and play a mini-concert on the day of the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival. This holiday is celebrated across the world and in many different forms in many different Asian communities. Mooncakes and other Asian goodies were shared, as well as the opportunity to make paper lanterns and knotted talismans, which are supposed to ward off evil spirits.

Mid-Autumn Festival


Florian Shantz Jazz Combo – In September, we had the delight of hearing this, mainly family based, educational jazz ensemble. The Florian Schantz Jazz Combo was formed in 2012 by, then, 9-year old Florian Schantz. Since then, the band has delighted audiences in hundreds of venues in the greater NYC Area and in Germany. The group specializes in thematic historical musical programs of many musical genres such as traditional/ hot jazz (Dixieland), Broadway and Hollywood music, and many kinds of holiday and international music. Our selection was the Broadway and Hollywood music program. We hope to have the pleasure to welcome them again.

Appearing from left to right: Margaret Schantz (Flügelhorn, trumpet), Lowell Schantz (Guitar), Florian Schantz (trumpet, cornet, Flügelhorn), Rup Chattopadhyay (tuba, trombone, flute)

Florian Schantz Jazz Combo


Genealogy Workshop – In October, we dug into family genealogy. Step by step instructions were given on use of Heritage Quest, which is accessible through our website from the State Library, and we went over free access tools and methods available through varying sources. Another Workshop is to come this year.

Ancestry Workshop "Tools of the Ancestry Trade"


Adult Crafternoon – We had our first Adult Crafternoon & Chat last year. Many of our events take place in the evenings or weekends. It was suggested we try an earlier time in the day for those who are available, especially those in the retiree realm. We hope to continue this program in the coming months. Thank you to Sarah B. for her help in this program.

Adult Crafternoon & Chat


Author Meet & Greets – Last year gave us two new, local, historical books. One was about a lesser known impressionist, Fern Coppedge, and the other on the beginnings of the Washington Crossing area and reenactment: “Fern Isabel Coppedge, 1883-1951; One Woman’s Struggle for Equality in the Art World” by Les & Sue Fox, and Images of America’s: “Washington Crossing” by Robert W. Sands Jr. and Patricia Miller.

  Fern Coppedge Book Sale Meet the Author Washington Crossing Book, Thursday, December 1 at 7:00pm Library Gallery


There is more to come. . .







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This is where the paperbacks were until recently. Before that, audiobooks lived there. Before that I don’t know, but maybe it was DVDs. Things change in the library, lately at a more rapid pace. Some of the changes are subtle, and someone has to point them out to me. Some I know about in advance, but some are surprises, which always adds more fun to a day. This used to be a big, white bookshelf, and it still is, underneath it’s fancy new display. Someone worked magic on it, and we now have a place for you to share your experiences and stories about your time in the library!

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Here Come the Shad!

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Thomas the Tank Engine Day 2024!

We had a blast at Thomas the Tank Engine Day! A massive thank you to everyone who attended and to those who pitched in to make this day a success. See you all next year for more train-tastic fun! -Ms. Danielle

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Let’s Get Baking!

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